Friday, September 17, 2010

SILC Scholarship Application 2010-11

SILC has always strived to be a school that is open to all. We have students and parents from all parts of the world. We make instruction that is inclusive to all faiths and traditions. Anyone interested in learning about India is welcome to attend and explore its rich language and culture.

As such, SILC is proud to offer a scholarship to those who would like to attend but may find it difficult to pay for the yearly fee. SILC will waive 50% of the fee for students who qualify. To qualify, the parent(s) must write a paragraph demonstrating need. Please explain why this fee is excessive for your family. We do not require income information. Applications are due by October 2nd, 2010, though exceptions can be made for students who start later in the year.

SILC Board 2010-11

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