Sunday, January 23, 2011

SILC: Weekly Digest (1/23/2011)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:
[1] Thanks to all of you who are volunteering at SILC. It would not be possible to run SILC without the passion and dedication of its volunteers. Are you aware that some of the twincities organizations (for example, 3M) provide matching grants for the volunteer hours their employees have given to a non-profit organization?
If you work at such an organization, please consider nominating SILC as receipient of the grants for the volunteer hours you are giving to SILC.

(Thanks to Kusum Gosain for alerting me to this possibility of matching grants for volunteer hours)
[2] We are happy to let you know that a permanant web site has been registed.   To catch up the news of the current academic year, you simply have to remember   "silcblogs"  and type in to see what is happening at SILC.  You can also navigate from the main web site as well.
[3] Have you seen the IAM Auditions videos Raj Menon has provided? If not, here are the youtube links (these are posted to SILC blogs as well)
Kids Dance 

[4]  We are working to bring out SILC Handbook and Directory (Big thanks to Raj Menon for taking the initiatie to pull this together). It provides a good reference to SILC community on what is expected from each of us as well as information about SILC events.
The directory will contain the following details.

Student Since
Parents Address
Parents Email
If any of you do not wish to see the students name published in the students directory, pleae contact Raj Menon directly by
[5] As Erin, our principal, outlined in the assembly, please ensure that you are not using the cell phones to make the calls or to text in the SILC class room.  It is expected from the students and parents that they show and exhibit similar respect to SILC as they would o in the regular school.  It helps the teachers and classrooms to conduct the classes with focus and without any interruptions.
[6] Lost and Found:   If you have found any items at the end of SILC session, please pick those up and get those to SILC next week to hand it over to me or Principal or Assistant Principal. We can announce it during the assembly so that those items can be claimed. (Note: A folder and a boy's olive green hooded jacket are lost yesterday; If anyone picked those up, please bring those to SILC next week)
[7] Our second SILC News letter will be released during the social studeis day (date TBD; we are working out the logisics of booking the school auditorium for this purpose). Please wear your thinking caps and contribute the news letter. Submissions are due by 19th February to Shiv Bhatia (Assistant Principal)
[8] January 26th is Republic Day of India. And India is celebrating its 62nd Republic Day this year. To learn more about this day, encourage your children to visit some of these references

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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