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SILC: Weekly Digest (04/17/2011)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:
Are you wearing the thinking caps for writing and submitting articles to SILC graduation year book?.  Please contribute articles (students can write about their experiences in learning at SILC, parents/teachers can share their experiences - first timers at SILC are specially welcome as they usually bring out fresh perspectives), share any photos or art. Please send your articles to Shiv Bhatia (Assistant Principal) who will be coordinating the SILC year book.
As part of May 21st SILC graduation planning, I would like to make a request for musicians on behalf our Anil - our Tabla Doctor.  He is looking for someone who can play a musical instrument (violin, flute, harmonium, etc.) for playing background music while our tabla students perform.  If you know and are interested to perform, please contact Anil for the details.
As announced yesterday,  please note that the deadline for receiving the nominations for Uma Namboodiripad Volunteering award is May 7th. You can download the attachment from this email or pick up a printed copy at SILC next week.

Uma Namboodiripad Volunteering Award (2010-11)

This permanent annual award was instituted in March 2008 to honor the memory of Uma Namboodiripad, a dedicated volunteer at SILC, who demonstrated immense commitment to its students and its mission.  It was given out for the first time as part of the SILC Graduation event in May 2008.

  • The candidate should be a present member of SILC in good standing, whether a Student or Volunteer (parent/non-parent)..
  • The candidate must have volunteered significant time (30 hours or more) for SILC during the past academic year. This will qualify all the teachers at SILC.
  • Some of the factors you can consider while nominating a volunteer can be – his/her longevity of service, the difference he/she is making at SILC and in your / child’s life, the enthusiasm, passion and inspiration he/she brings to SILC.

  • Each parent can nominate one individual. SILC Board members and teachers can also make nominations.
  • Nominations must be written and must describe in detail (at least 3 sentences) why this person should be considered for the award.
  • Recipients of this award from earlier years are not considered. Lata Menon (2008), Aishwarya Menon(2009), Mangala Achar (2010) are earlier recipients of this award.
  • Please send your nominations directly to Natarajan Raman – Volunteer coordinator (  or hand over a printed/written copy to Raman in person at SILC
  • The deadline for making your nomination is May 7th Saturday.

Thank you to all those who have submitted the answers to Spring quiz from the news letter. Of the 11 correct entries we have received (Anushka and Akshu Mankunath, Aradhana Menon, Vikas Thoutam, Roshan and Ashwin Wariar, Manashree Padiyath, Akshay Nambudiripad, Vishnu Achar, Jason and Katelyn Berry, Deepta Jasthi, Anita Kalatoor Sanjana Nambudiri),  Anita Kalatoor is the lucky winner of the gifrt card.
Here is the rest of SILC schedule
* Regular Classes in April (23, 30)
* Vibha taal (dance competion) event for Tweens (Neelam's students) (April 30)
*  Festival of Nations (May 7th)
*  Deadline for receiving the nominations for Uma Namboodiripad award
* Holi celebrations (May 14th) and
* Graduation Day (May 21st) 
* Volunteer Appreciation Day (May 22nd)
30th April (Vibha Taal event) : We now have 10 students registered for Vibha taal. Vibha also relaxed the restriction on the maximum number of participants in the dance group. So, if your tween (in Neelam's class) is still interested to participate, you have the option of signing up by next saturday.  Also, note that I mistakely listed a wrong date for Vibha taal in the last digest. I apologize for the confusion it may have created. Vibha Taal will be held on April 30th and I am working with Vibha to schedule SILC performance after 2 PM so that our tweens can attend SILC in the morning and attend Vibha event in the afternoon. Please stay tuned for the confirmation on the timing.
7th May (Festival Of Nations):  Please take note of the detailed schedule of SILC Performances at FON.
* SILC Youth (Neelam's students): 11:30 AM
* SILC Children (Aishwarya's students): 1:30 PM
* SILC Adults (Lata's students): 7:00 PM
Are you still interested to volunteer at IAM booth and looking for a free ticket for the event? There are some limited slots available (please see the attachment). Please contact Raj Menon directly if you want to sign up
If you have already signed up, please ensure that you pick up FON admission ticket and meal ticket from Raj Menon at SILC next saturday 23rd. You may also need to practice dosa making in the kitchen if you have signed up to make dosas at the event.
May 21  (SILC graduation day):. Mark your calendars and please ensure that you do not miss coming to SILC on this day! Our students show case what they have learned at SILC on the day. Students from preschool, languages and electives (art, dance, tabla, cooking, yoga, sports) will be getting on the stage to perform / show / tell what they have learned. Also note that dance class (adults) (from Lata's class) will also be performing on the graduation day. Teachers and students (and parents) are working hard  to prepare for this event.  We will soon publish the detailed schedule of the event. 

Wishing you all another wonderful week.

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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