Sunday, May 22, 2011

SILC: Weekly Digest (05_22_11)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Thank you all for making 2010-11 graduation / annual day a success yesterday. It is nice to see the presentations from all the students - reflecting what they have learned at SILC.

Here is the link to the graduation / annual day pictures; We are working on to make the videos available at a later time.

SILC: Graduation Day (05-21-2011)

Without the help and dedication from all of you - teachers, volunteers, parents and students, we wouldn't have had another successful year.

abhi nayarMC for graduationd day
aishwarya menondance - tweens
amrit Devgundance - children 1
anil kumartabla
anjali goptalSocial Studies - 3, dance-youth
baiju sadanandamgurukul - silc registration system
divya karansilc board - curriculum coordinator, hindi - 1b
divya ramanart, literature
erin oberdorferprincipal, silc board
gayatri moorthyhinidi -4
geetha sharanPreschool
gupthan namudiripadmalayalam adults
jeyanthi govindhandance - children 1
jyothsna harrisPreschool
kamakshi Lakshminarayan Substittue Teacher - Tamil
krishnanan numbudiripadsilc board 
krupali shahyoga, gujarati
lakshmi buddhavarapusilc board - secretary
lakshmi warriarcooking
lata menondance - adults, malayalam 2
mahima guptaMC for graduationd day
mangala acharkannada, silc board - treasurer
manu acharSocial Studies - 3
mary katedance - tweens
namrata guptagurukul - silc registration system
natarajan ramansilc board - volunteer coordinator
neelam malhotrasilc board, dance - youth
nidhi khandelwalhindi -preschool
padam sharmanepali
pamela berrysnack coordinator
prad dasbengali
praveen puligondlasports / cricket
preeti jariwalagujarati
punjabhai patelyoga
raj menonsilc board, gurukul - silc registration system, social studies
ralph Davinisilc board 
reshmy Narayananhindi -3
riya Arorahindi -2
sapna Das BradooSocial Studies - 1c
sarah hansenliterature, art
seema nambudiripadhindi - adults
shalley GuptaSocial Studies - 2
shiv bhatiasilc board - asst principal, hindi - 1a ,editor -  silc year book, editor - silc news letter
siva jasthisilc board - president, telugu, gurukul - silc registration system
sona dasbengali
sonja Agarwal Social Studies - 1b
sridevi mahavadihinidi -4
srinivas bukkuritelugu 
suganya chandrasekharantamil
sunita Mannamkunnathhindi -2
varsha bhatiaSocial Studies - 1a
vishnu nambudiripadmalayalam 1

On behalf of SILC Board, I thank you all for your contributions. We had lunch celebration at Surabhi restaurant today to appreciate our volunteers and it is attended by around 35 people. Thanks for making it to the event.

Before you get busy in your kids schools or summer break, here are some things you need to follow up

[1] All the dance students interested in participating in summer festivals (dragon festival, burnsville international festival, india fest) should contact Neelam Malhotra and watch out for the email communications from her

[2] If you couldn't make it the graduation day event yesterday and wanted to get a copy of the year book and certificate for your child/yourself, please contact Shiva Bhatia for arrangements. Considering that we will be bumping into each other at one or other summer festival, we will work out the logistics.

[3] If you want an extra copy of the year book for yourself or to be given to your extended family, please contact Shiv Bhatia. Each copy costs $5 and will be available on first-come first-served basis.

[4] SILC Board will continue to meet over the summer for planning for the next year and will keep you posted on a regular basis.

[5] If any of you are interested to teach at SILC or assist / substitute in teaching, or to serve on SILC board, please contact us.  If you are interested to start a new language or new program, please contact us with your proposal. 

[6] Most importantly, if you have any ideas, suggestions for improving on how we can do better at SILC, please pass those on.

Have a wonderful summer

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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