Thursday, September 15, 2011

SILC: Welcome message from the principal

Dear SILC Parents / Guardians and Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you to the SILC academic year 2011-12. We had a great start to this year with our Open House / Orientation sessions held on Sept 10th. There were a large number of new families who joined us for this orientation, which kept our volunteers busy.

For those of you who could not attend the orientation session, we will be sharing the power point presentation with you via our website very soon. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Asst Principal.
Our first day of classes will be held on Sept 17th. In order to make sure that we have a smooth start to this day (and all schools days), please find given below some housekeeping points:-

1.      Arrival at School : Please plan to arrive inside the school hall at least 5 mins before 10am. Our day begins with a few announcements followed by Vande Mataram; after which the students disperse for language classes.

2.      Class Room Allocation : The Class Room allocation chart is attached in this email. Please take a moment to note the class rooms your child is supposed to go to. To assist new families with the layout of the rooms, please find attached a copy of the school map.

3.      Teachers : The list of volunteer teachers is also attached. 

4.      Level “Unknown” During registration a lot of families have selected “Unknown” against the levels for Language and SS. It will be our endeavor to guide these families to the best possible level for their child after discussing the child's proficiency / age etc. I will be bringing a list of such students. If you have registered your child as Level Unknown for a subject, please meet with me or a SILC board member to clarify the level your child should go to.  (These changes can then only be carried out by the Director of Admissions in the role of an Administrator of GURUKUL)

5.      Incorrect Subject Level There is a similar situation (as above) with those families who have mentioned a level but apparently their child may not be suitable for that level. Such students will be asked to proceed to their respective classes (as registered). All teachers have been asked to vet these students to see if they should be attending the level being taught by them. We will then make necessary changes as recommended by the teachers.

6.      SILC Hand Book : SILC, like any other educational institution, has certain rules and guidelines which we expect our students to follow. To this effect a SILC Hand Book has been prepared, which has been shared with you by our Director Communications. It is also attached here. Please do go through it.

7.      Contribution of Parents: Our voluntary teachers do their best to impart knowledge to their students. However, unlike regular school, SILC is an organization which meets just once a week. It becomes imperative for us as parents to follow through with the topics being taught in the class.  Our students have shown to derive the maximum benefit when their parents have also worked with them at home and I request all parents to do so. 

If you have any questions or need further info, please feel free to email me, call me at 651-894-2551 or meet me before or after the first period on Saturdays.

Once again, welcome back to the returning families and a warm welcome to all the new ones. 
Have a great school year ahead!

Shiv Bhatia
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 651-894-2551

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