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SILC: Weekly Digest (02/19/12)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

[1] Thank you to all the following 11-14 year children who expressed interest in participating in the Nickelodeon program (Nick news) as indicated in the last digest.  One of the coordinating producers is expected to call the following for an on-the-phone interview  (Please note that SILC administration is out of the picture once we pass on the names to the Nickelodeon producers). .

Aekta Mouli               

Gitanjali Raman           

Anushka Mankunath         

Anurag Bukkuri            

jyotirmya kumar           

Zoe Iyer                     

Rohan-Ashutosh Raikar    

Meera Viruru
Mahima Gupta
Suparna Bhatia 

Bhavana Suvarna 

Natali Arora

[2] Some of the SILC families may be interested in the following.

Youth Angels Day Camp
Experience the Art of Meditation

Science of Spirituality, Minnesota has been organizing Youth Angels Day Camp since last five years in Minneapolis for children under the age group of 5 to 15 years.. It was originally envisioned to make great use of winter time and introduce meditation to the children for their peace of mind. It’s a one day camp where children learn meditation techniques, yoga and engage in fun filled activities & story time which helps in character building. By learning how to calm the mind with meditation practice and simple moves of yoga, children can be happier and healthier.

At the camp, children will learn to meditate and develop the inner strength, achieve balance and realize the true potential in their lives, all in a fun filled environment.
During the camp, we will have Meditation workshops, YogaCamp Songs, Activities, GaMes & Pizza.

Saturday, March 17th 2012
             4300 Dodd Rd, Eagan, Minnesota 55123
The pre-registration is now open for children between the age group of 5-15. Please complete the pre-registration on the web site   Pre-registration will end on Feb 28th. Kindly register for the camp as soon as possible as the seats are limited.
Please note that the registration is FREE.  You can also forward the same to interested friends and acquaintances.  More information will be sent to all who registered their children to the camp.
You can find more about the previous year’s camps at our website   Also we need volunteers (age 15+) including assistance in  setting up the camp, teaching, conducting games, distributing food, wind down and many other areas. Please let us know your interest in volunteering for the camp.

Looking forward to a great camp this year again!
For further information please contact:
SOSMN Communication Team 
Arvind Naik (
Ashwini Naik (
Sundari Balasubramanian (

Answers to last week's quiz:

[Q] What the words - Chit, Bandanna and Shampoo - have in common?

All these words have Hindi roots/origin and are contributed to English language; For a complete list, see

from चिट्ठी Chitthi, a letter or note.

from Bandhna,(बांधना) to tie a scarf around the head.

from chāmpo (चाँपो /tʃãːpoː/) is the imperative of chāmpnā (चाँपना /tʃãːpnaː/), "to smear, knead the muscles, massage" (the scalp massage with some kind of oily or treacly mixture just before a bath).

This week's Quiz:

[Q] What are the classical dances of India? And what is the name of the State that contributed two classical dances?

Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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