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SILC: Weekly Digest (05/06/12)

Dear SILC Students, Parents and Volunteers,
I hope all of you kept dry during these much wanted showers and still managed to have fun at the Festivals of Nations event at the Excel Energy Center.
FoN Event
The Festival of Nations (FoN) was fun! Three of our dance classes (Younger kids, Youth/Teens and Adults) were selected during the auditions and participated in the event. For those of you who missed it, here are some links for the Children and Youth dances. (While going to the press, I was still trying to obtain the video recording for the Adults dance which was held today at 3:15pm)
Children's dance -
Youth/teen dance -
Holi Celebrations (May 12)
SILC will be celebrating holi on May 12. For the uninitiated (newer families), this is a time when students, volunteers, parents/families all join in the fun of smearing color on each other. Yes, you heard it right. We celebrate holi with actual color. The reason we celebrate it, a few weeks removed from the actual festival, is to wait for warmer temps. On May 12, we will play holi after the Language class/snack break is done. This is the last day language teachers get to prepare/rehearse for the grad day program. Please make sure you come in on time.
Do remember to wear holi appropriate clothes.  Also, please remember to take all your belongings (maybe put them in your vehicle), since the school authorities are strict about not permitting us back inside smeared with colors.
Graduation Day (May 19)
Graduation day event starts at 10am sharp in the school auditorium. Please be seated on or before 9:55am. The children with pre-school start the event followed by next older students (usually Hindi 1). So please be early, if you child is taking part earlier in the event. The program will be circulated a few days before the event. You are most welcome to bring friends or extended family to the event.
The event concludes with a pot luck lunch. Most of the families have signed up for bringing in food. If you have not, there is still time - please see our Treasurer, Mangala Achar to sign up. If you have not signed up, you/your immediate family will be charged a nominal sum of $ 7 per family unit (Please bring exact change). Extended family members or accompanying friends are treated as a separate family unit and will be charged a separate sum of $ 7 (per family unit). If you are bringing in food and still have accompanying friends, please remember to pay for them at the same rate ($ 7 per family unit).
Also, remember to pick up certificates of participation and one copy of Year Book after the event.
Volunteer Appreciation Lunch (May 26)
All volunteers - please mark your calendars. SILC would like to acknowledge the time and effort all of you have put in for a successful school year. The SILC Board of Directors is grateful to all of you for your participation as a volunteer. As a token of our appreciation, please join us for lunch on May 26. Details of time and venue will follow shortly.
Other Important Dates Where SILC is Participating Over Summer
~ May 19 - Baisakhi celebrations (MN Punjabi Society) at Olson Middle School, Bloomington. (6pm onwards)
~ May 20 - PanAsian Arts Festival, Landmark Center, St Paul. (12pm to 5pm)
~ June 2 - Flinthills Children Festival at Ordway Center, St Paul (10am onwards)
~ June 16 - International Festival of Burnsville, Nicollete Commons Park (3pm to 9pm)
~ August 11 - IndiaFest (Festival of India) at The Capitol, St Paul
Quiz Time
Answers to last week's Quiz:
(Q) Which Indian city is called “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. What was it called before being renamed in 1996?
(A) “Kochi”, located in Kerala state, is called “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. It was called “Cochin” prior to 1996.

This week's Quiz:
(Q) It's called Baisakhi in Punjab, Bohag Bihu in Assam, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Sankranthi in Andhra Pradesh. What is it?
As always, have a great week ahead. We will see you all for the Holi celebrations on the 12th
Shiv Bhatia
School of India for Languages & Culture

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