Monday, November 22, 2010

SILC Weekly Digest: (11/21/2010)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Greetings from India!  (I am on business travel this week and I missed SILC on last Saturday due to this)

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali celebrations and picture day at SILC on this Saturday.

[1]  Hope you all have enjoyed the first SILC news letter. You can find the electronic copy of this news letter at
(You can also click on Newsletter on the SILC main page

Thanks for all the contributors (Sarah Hansen, Aradhana Menon, Tarunika Anand, Suparna Malia, Mahima Gupta, Meera Viruru, Angad Jaspal) who provided articles to the news letter; Thanks to Shiv Bhatia for wonderful coordination in bringing out the news letter on time and at the minimum possible cost (possibly, this is the first time where we have done vendor comparison to picking the cost-effective vendor to print the news letter).

[2] Big thanks to Indian Association of Minnesota for honoring our request to visit SILC and to release the news letter. Please consider joining IAM ( If you have any further questions, you can contact several SILC members (Shalini Tadani, Kusum Gosain, Mangala Achar,  Raj Menon, PG Narayan) who are also actively involved with IAM. 

[3] Please take some time and complete Diwali quiz set by our editor. One of the families have already submitted the answers to the quiz - thus relieving me from the pressure of unscrambling one of the tough words I was trying to solve :).    Please submit your answers by November 27th for a chance to win $10 gift card from Barnes and Nobles.

[4] Our next upcoming event is SILC Mela on December 18th - our only fund raising event for SILC. The funds raised will be used towards additional field trips, capital equipment for SILC (projectors, speakers, etc.), for paying the registration fee for our SILC students to participate in Vibha Kalaakar event. 

This is also fun day where all students do NOT want to miss SILC because they can play carnival / fair style games.

During SILC Mela, new as well as gently used stuff (CDs, DVDs, books, decorations, paintings, dresses and other articles related to India theme) donated by SILC community will be on sale (aka garage sale). For some items highly demanded as well as for the services offered by Twin cities businesses, a silent auction will be held.

If you are a patron of business, grocery store, restaurant you frequently visit, you can consider asking them for a gift certificate to be auctioned off at SILC Mela event. If you own a business or have a service to offer, please consider providing a gift certificate to SILC. All the businesses supporting SILC Mela will be acknowledged during the event, in the news letter and on the web site.  Please contact Ralph Davini for further details if you are planning to approach any business or offer a gift card from your own business/service.

If you have any material donations (CDs, DVDs, books, decorations, paintings, dresses and other articles related to India theme) to SILC mela, please hand those over to Sunita Mankunath and Riya Arora who will be coordinating the SILC Mela event this year as well.

We also need lot of volunteers for this event - for coordinating the games, for manning the games at different times, for arranging the mela stuff, for coordinating the silent auction.  Please raise your hand to help.. We need you.

[5] Note that we do NOT have SILC on 27th November due to Thanksgiving break and we will meet again on December 4th

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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