Sunday, December 12, 2010

SILC: Weekly Digest (12/12/10)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Hope you all have had a safe, warm and leisurely weekend (other than digging yourself out of snow) as the life in twin cities had come to a halt due to the blizzard.

[1] Due to the school cancellation yesterday, there are some adjustments to our schedule as follows

18 December:  We will have regular SILC
25 December: No SILC (Christmas)
01 January: NO SILC (new year)
08 January:  Festival Of Nations (FON) dance auditions by IAM
15 January:  SILC Mela

[2] We have received quite a number of nominations for SILC Diwali Quiz from News Letter 1.  Thank you for your submissions.

Shiv Bhatia will arrange and announce SILC News Quiz winner (by lottery) on 18th December during the first break.

[3] FON/IAM auditions will start at 11:45am (on January 8th) in the SILC Commons.
We are planning to go in the following order.

* Kids (8-10) years -
SILC Kids (8-10 years) Dholna dance with Aishwarya
* Youth dance - SILC Youth dance with Neelam
* Adults dance - - SILC Adults with Lata

[4] SILC Mela is on January 15th. Mark your calendars for a great day of fun, games and food.

We need help in the following ways.
a) Donation of gently used Indian clothes,decorative items, books,DVDs etc. The things can be brought and handed over to Neelam or Sunita or Ria on Dec 11th or on the day of the Mela itself.

b) Cooking a food item. The sign-up sheet will be out on Dec 11th as well. If you are not coming to SILC on Dec 11th you can sign-up by contacting Neelam at 651-501-8035 or

c) We need volunteers on the day of the Mela to run a booth, to run a game, or help distribute the food. So please sign-up or just show up.

d) if you have any service to offer or know of any business/restaurant/grocery store, you can consider donating/getting a gift card for silent auction. Please contact Ralph Davini or Shiv Bhatia for further details

[5] With the tighter control of finances and visionary execution of SILC operations for the past few years, SILC is blessed and is in a position to help other non-profit organizations / schools/ projects in India.  SILC Board has decided to donate the first $1000 of SILC Mela proceedings (or whatever is raised) (typically we raise anywhere from $600 to $1200)  to another non-profit organization.

How do we select such non-profit organization?
            * Any SILC parent, teachere, volunteer, student can send your nomination of "Volunteer Organization" to
            * Social Studies Level 3 students under the guidance of Sarah Hansen will review these nominations and select one organization from the list

Please send in your nominations by 1st January 2010. 

Thank you for those who sent the nominations - we have four nominations so far.

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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