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SILC: Weekly Digest (1/15/2012)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Hope you all had a wonderful Sankranthi / Pongal

With SILC Mela next week and auditions for GEETMALA TV program, there are a lot of announcements in this digest. Please go through these carefully and get back to us if you have any further questions.


SILC is asked to present a infomercial on SILC by Geetamala TV. In this regard, Raj Menon will be auditioning for 5/7 people to perform the Vande Mataram on Geetmala TV. The group will consist of male and female singers and they need to be able to sing Vande Mataram correctly. If anyone is interested they can contact me via email ( The auditions will be on Sat 21st Jan at SILC at 10 am (on the day of SILC Mela). Please arrive on time if you want to audition for this program.
[2] January 21st : Annual SILC Mela

SILC is organizing its annual ‘Mela’ on January 21, 2012. We have a variety of events on this day which are reminiscent of the festivities at the melas organized in India. Our students and their families enjoy the fun, food and games on the day of mela.
In addition to providing a fun filled day for the SILC families, the aim is also to raise funds for the continuous work being done for our community. We do so by organizing a garage sale of articles donated by the SILC student families. We also conduct a Silent Auction for various items graciously donated by the local businesses. 

These items could be anything ranging from a gift hamper to discount coupons or gift cards of a suitable monetary value.  If you know any local business, you can help SILC getting a gift card to be put in the silent auction. If you have gently used or new books, DVD's, CDs, Indian clothes, decorative items, etc, please consider donating them for this event. Donations can be brought and handed over to Sunita M on 14th or on the day of the Mela. 

Please note: If your donation is valuable and you do not wish to sell it for garage sale prices, let us know so we can have it in the Silent auction area. 

We are also inviting some limited number of vendors (< 10) to setup a booth during SILC Mela. If you know any business that is interested to setup a booth at SILC during SILC Mela, please contact Mela Coordinator and Assistant Principal - Sunita for further details.

[3] Lunch is catered during SILC Mela

For the first time, we are trying to get a food vendor cater for lunch during the SILC Mela. In this context, the vendor has asked us to get an estimate to as to prepare the lunch accordingly. In this regard, I have sent an evite to get some guestimate number. Please take a minute to respond to this evite

[4]  SAP Booths during SILC Mela:

In addition to some booths from vendors (limited to < 10), Special Achievement Project (SAP) Class will have a booth at the Mela. They are fund raising to support disadvantaged kids in a school in India. To that end they will have the following items for sale:
  • India Collage representing major aspects of India represented visually on a 3' x 4' Map of India. This will on Silent Auction
  • Gifts Baskets containing such items as Indian ready-to-prepare food, movie, bangles, jewelry, Jungle book, Toy, Indian scented oil, among others
  • Hindi language book
Please encourage their project by visiting their booth and making a purchase.

[5] SILC News Letter:

Our second SILC News Letter will be released on SILC Mela.  If you have not contributed an article to the news letter yet and are wondering about the deadline, please contact our editor Krishna  nambudiripad ( to send your article - the article can be about anything related to SILC, India, or anything that would be appropriate for SILC News Letter. These articles can be personal reflections or about a specific topic. 

Answers to last week's Quiz:

[Q] What is the origin of the word "Bollywood"?
[A] "Bollywood" refers to the HIndi film industry in India and its name is derived from Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood. However, unlike Hollywood, Bollywood does not exist at a physical location.

This week's Quiz:
[Q] 6174 is a magical number discovered by an Indian mathematician. Who is that mathematician? and What does this number signify?

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Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
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