Sunday, January 22, 2012

SILC: Weekly Digest (1/22/12)

Check SILC Mela pictures here

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Thank you to all who made SILC Mela a grand success.

To Sunita and Shiv for taking the lead for this event, for Sonja and Pam for organizing the games, to mangala for handling the tickets and book keeping, to Raj for organizing the garage sale, to Neelam for organizing the prizes, to Raman for the tasty chai, to krishnan and his team for releasing the 2nd SILC news letter, to all the volunteers who helped in running the games, to all of you who donated numerous hours and items to SILC mela and to all the SILC community members who responded to the evite and participated in the mela.

Thanks to the businesses and voluntary organizations (IAM, Vibha, SAP, Kite-wala) who setup the booths at SILC mela this year. Thanks to the businesses (TBS Mart, Pizza Hut, Indian Aroma Restaurant) who donated gift cards to the SILC Mela. And big thanks to all the parents who donated several items to the auction.

SAP team did a wonderful (and colorful) job in show casing their ideas and talent. SAP team stole the show yesterday.  Thank you and congratulations.

Here is the link to some of SILC Mela pictures.  I will post the second batch of pictures later on and share the link with you in the next digest. Of all the games, it looked like the Face painting and Nail painting became very popular. Special thanks to Mckayla Oberdofer, Mahima Gupta, Kavya Devgun, Suparna Malia, and Meera Viruru - who brought their creative and artistic talents to make all the children happy. They worked tirelessly the entire time without a break in the busiest booth. In face painting specially they came up with new ideas which were a great hit with younger kids.

As some of you have noticed, we have done several things differently this year. (1) Inviting a food vendor to arrange for food (2) Getting evite out to get accurate counts on lunch needs (3) inviting businesses/non-profit orgs to setup booths (4) Special Achievement Project (SAP) team booth. In the process of striving to do better things at SILC, it is possible that there is some more scope to improve next year. You can expect a survey to be sent out some time this week. Please respond to the survey to provide your feedback so that we can incorporate your feedback for the next year.

Answers to last week's Quiz

[Q] 6174 is a magical number discovered by an Indian mathematician. Who is that mathematician? and What does this number signify?

[A]  6174 - Discovered by  Dattaraya Ramchandra Kaprekar,  it is called the Kaprekar Constant.
It is the only 4 digit number which when its digits are arranged in Descending Order (7641) and then in Ascending order (1467) and the numbers so created subtracted (7641-1467) the result is the original number 6174 !
This week's Quiz:

[Q] 2012 is declared as "national year of mathematics" by Indian Prime Minister in Dec 2011. Why?

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  1. I would love to subscribe to this blog. How do I do it? Also does SILC have a FB page? I missed the MELA event as I didn't know the date.

    1. Hi Cheryllyne: Sorry! didn't notice this comment before; Yes. SILC has FB page. Please send me a request and I will add you to that group.