Sunday, October 2, 2011

SILC: Weekly Digest (10/2/11)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

[1] Chitram - Our first field trip:

We just came back from CHITRAM - A Portrait of Indian Culture. The program is very exciting (this is also our first field trip) and it is good to see  many SILC students, parents participating in the event.  Please share your experiences as a participant or spectator with us. We would like to share the pictures of the event, experiences of the participants and viewers in the coming weeks - through weekly digest, news letter, year book. 

[2] SILC Achievements Projects

SILC is considering whether to restart the SILC Achievement Projects (SAP) program. SAP is open to SILC students who have spent 3/4 years in the Social Studies program and are 12+. SAP projects are meant be challenging in nature and require commitment on behalf of the participant.

Projects could be one or more for the following:

    * Student proposed projects
    * Comparison of modern India vis-a-vis India 1947
    * Comparing ancient mythical figures India vs Greece vs Roman vs Egyptian (aka Percy Jackson stories !)
    * Design and development of online portals, tools for learning Indian languages, culture, arts. These tools may possibly be hosted on the web, desktop, hand-held devices, touch screen devices. This may involve computer programming
* Design and development of instructional aids for learning/teaching Indian languges, culture, arts.

The actual projects will be decided based on requests from participants and SILC's ability to facilitate the project.

If your child is interested in participating, please send an email saying you would like to participate to on or before 10/07. If they have any projects they would like to work, please let know that also, and we will consider the request.

[3] Interested in serving on IAM Board?

Please see the note from the IAM team. If you are interested to know more about IAM, please get hold of Raj Menon or Shalini Tadani or Kusum Gosain at SILC on any saturday.


The IAM Nomination Committee, which is charged with selecting a slate of candidates who would be interested in joining and meaningfully contributing to the IAM Board in 2012, invites you for the same. Contact us at or individual members using the contact information below.

India Association of Minnesota (IAM), a non-profit organization, is building a strong and cohesive community of Asian Indians in the state of Minnesota with the primary goal to educate and inform the broader MN community about India and how to make the connection easier with India in this globalized world. Today, IAM achieves this via a number of events throughout the year.  For example, IAM held IndiaFest 2011 at the State Capitol grounds this year.  IAM has been participating since 1979 in the Festival of Nations, a trailblazer event for the International Institute of Minnesota, supports various organization in the Twin Cities including School of India for Languages and Culture and is sought out as a voice of the Indian American community.  Please visit for more information on India Association of Minnesota.

IAM has many other aspirations and a lot more needs to be done.  With your participation in the Board, some of these aspirations and other innovative ideas can be realized that will make this community a vibrant participant in Minnesota.
As a member of the Board you will be responsible for event planning and execution, operations management and strategic planning.  Members elected to the Board are expected to attend monthly meeting (2 hours), as well as when planning for events, a weekly meeting.  We expect a minimum of 50 hours per year of volunteer time.

If you believe you can contribute to make this organization represent the interests of the Indian Americans and all those interested in India, please let us know by Oct. 5th, 2011.  You must be a member of the IAM to apply to the Board.   However, if you are not a member, please visit to become one.  In addition, if you have an interest in participating and/or volunteering at the events, but not be part of the Board, please do let us know too.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

IAM Nomination Committee

Deepshikha Gupta (, 651-454-2124)
Nagraj Gurumurthy (, 612-743-9369)
Ravi Sura (, 651-734-0645)
Shiva Elayedath (, 651-206-7907)
Shashi Gupta (

[4] Today is Gandhi Jayanti

"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy". - Mohandas Gandhi

Today is Gandhi Jayanthi - a national holiday in India to celebrate the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation". Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869. This day was declared as "International Day of Non-Violence" by United Nations. 

If you are interested to know more about Gandhi and listen to his speeches or watch the videos, you can visit; There are also many books available at your local library in twin cities (just browse for "Gandhi" in the library catalog).

[5] Quiz

Here are the answers to the last week's quiz.
  • India's National Flower = Lotus
  • India's National Bird = Peacock
  • India's national Animal = Tiger
  • India's National Tree = Indian Fig Tree
  • India's National River = Ganga River
  • India's National Song = Vande Mataram
  • India's National Anthem = Jana Gana Mana
  • India's National Game = Hockey
  • India's National Days = 1.Independence Day (August 15th) 2. Republic Day (January 26th) 3. Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2nd)

And for this week, you can try out taking a quiz with Mahatma Gandhi at


Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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