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SILC: Weekly Digest (10/30/11)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Hope you are all getting ready for more Halloween fun tomorrow. You can see the pictures of Haloween@SILC event yesterday on SILC blogs here or at

SILC News Letter
Deadline for submitting the articles for the first edition of SILC news letter is fast approaching. It is Friday November 4th.

The first edition of SILC News Letter for the academic year will be released on 12th November / Diwali day at SILC / Picture Day. Please contribute your articles (book/movie reviews, your experiences at SILC, your works of art, any travel to India experiences, etc.) to the News Letter editor  "Krishnan Nambudiripad" <>

SILC Achievement Project

Under the guidance and mentoring of Raj Menon, SILC Achievement Program 2011 kicked off yesterday. This is for SILC students who have already completed all the levels of Social Studies at SILC.  The students have brainstormed and have short listed the following three projects.
  • Fund-raiser to support village school in India (led by Bhavana Suvarna)
  • Reenactment (movie / play) of British impact on India (led by Sanjana Pandya)
  • A Quilt of Indian Art Forms (led by Aekta Mouli)
More details will be shared with SILC community in the coming weeks on the progress of these projects and SILC Board is committed to make this program a success so as to ensure the continuity of our students and challenge them in SILC learning environment once they have completed all the levels of Social Studies.
Auditing of SILC finances
Financial transparency, accurate book keeping and managing the finances for an effective operation of SILC are important aspects SILC board takes very seriously. SILC financial year is from September 1st to August 31st.  We would like to have SILC finances audited on Second Saturday in November which falls on 12th this year.  We will be inviting one or two folks from the twin cities community (from IAM or other organization); We are also looking for 2 to 3 volunteers / parents from SILC who would like to participate in the audit. If you are interested to be part of auditing SILC, please contact "Raj Menon" <>, .

Upcoming Events:
4th November: Deadline for receiving the articles for SILC News letter 1.
12th November: Diwali celebration / Picture Day / SILC News Letter 1
10th December: IAM Dance Auditions

Answers to last week's Quiz:

[1] How many regional languages are recognized by Govt of India as "official" languages? What are those languages?

: There are 18 official languages recognized by Govt. of India

[2] What are the top three (based on the number of speakers) languages spoken in India?

Answer: Based on 2001 census, the top three languages are - Hindi, Bengali and Telugu
S. No. Language Persons who returned the language as their mother tongue Percentage to total population **
1  Hindi 422,048,642 41.03
2  Bengali 83,369,769 8.11
3  Telugu 74,002,856 7.19

Quiz of the week

What is the location (name of the place and state) of these tourist attractions and monuments in India?

1. Taj Mahal
2. Jantar Mantar
3. Charminar
4. Gate of india
5. Red Fort

Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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