Sunday, April 8, 2012

SILC: Weekly Digest (04/08/12): Happy Easter

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Happy to let you all know that we started the Facebook group today. The primary goals of this facebook group are:
* To facilitate communications (as everyone can easily post to Facebook, while only some can blog)
* To keep the extended SILC Community (our former students, parents, teachers, volunteers from earlier years) informed 
* To share how SILC is doing/growing with friends of SILC and supporting businesses 
* To establish our presence in the social media and use it to facilitate our operations 

We are almost 100 members in that group now. Please note that if you know any former SILC member, please add them to this group. With over 30 years of history, we have many members in SILC Community spread across all over the world. Please take a moment to add someone you know.

Also, note that is is OPEN group for now. Any member of the group can post a message. We would like to keep it open for all SILC community members to participate.  Please make sure that it is related to SILC and its charter. 

[2]   SILC News Letter

Hope you all enjoyed the third issue of SILC Newsletter. If you have not picked up your copy yesterday, you can get it from  (You can get this years news letters from the main web site. Go to and click on News Letters)

[3]  SILC Year Book:

The Special Achievement Projects (SAP) class invites to become part of the SILC History !
  • Send us a quote (3-5 sentences will suffice) of your / your child's SILC experience this year
  • A brief write up about any memorable SILC event you participated in this year
Please do not send a general article about India or jokes or newsworthy items that are better published in the Newsletter!
Please send your contribution latest by 4/21 to . If you have questions, please speak with Raj Menon.

[4] Uma Namboodiripad Volunteering Award (2012): April 28th is the deadline

This permanent annual award was instituted in March 2008 to honor the memory of Uma Namboodiripad, a dedicated volunteer at SILC, who demonstrated immense commitment to its students and its mission. Please see the attached nomination form. 

[5] 15th April 2012: Urban Expedition at Landmark Center

SILC will have a booth here; Our Assistant Principal - Sunita will be volunteering at the booth. Please make sure that you visit SILC booth when you visit Urban Expedition

[6]  "Pranaamyam" - Bharatanatyam by Priyadarsini Govind (use the code "SILC" to get discounted rates for advanced purchases)

April 20th Friday at 7:30 PM

Experience an exquisite evening of Bharatanatyam, a beautiful classical dance form from South India, presented by one of India's top solo performing artists, Priyadarsini Govind. In a presentation enjoyable for both connoisseurs and those watching Indian classical dance for the first time, Priyadarsini Govind celebrates the diaspora of Indian literature through a suite of original choreographies in Pranaamyam. The audience will be moved and invigorated by the dynamic artistry and creative energy that Priyadarsini brings to the stage. This event will be held at Univeristy of Minnesota St Paul Student Center

Advanced Purchase (online)
Special Advanced Purchase group rate discount for SILC! Group rate for single ticket purchases, no minimum purchase required
Enter discount code "SILC" at time of ticket purchase
Reserved / General / Children, Students & Seniors $22.50 / $14 / $9 

At the door (Cash Only) - No discount codes apply
Reserved / General / Children, Students & Seniors $30 / $20 / $15

[7] Upcoming events

Apr 15, Sun: Urban Expedition
Apr 21, Sat: Vibha TAAL
May 3-6, Thu-Sun:  Festival of Nations
May 12, Sat: Holi Celebrations
May 19, Sat: SILC Graduation Day (last day of SILC)

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:
(Q) What state is known as "Spice Garden of India"?
(A) Kerala

This Week's Quiz:
(Q) We have "Wall Street" and "NYSE" in USA. What about India?

Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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