Sunday, April 22, 2012

SILC: Weekly Digest (04/22/12) Happy Earth Day

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Many of you must have got the arts and cultural fix this weekend by attending Priyadarsini Govind's bharatnatyam event and/or vibha taal event.  Festival of Nations is around the corner in May first week and please mark your calendars for that as well.

[1] Congratulations 

Big thanks to all students (Neelam's class and Aishwarya's class) who participated in Vibha Taal event yesterday and SILC families for their encouragement and support. 

Congratulations to Aishwary'a class for standing third place in group dance category at Vibha TAAL. If any of you have the pictures of the event, please post those to Facebook group or send those to me.

[2] Uma Namboodiripad Volunteering Award (2012): April 28th is the deadline

If you have not already done so, please send in your nomination form to - Natarajan Raman, Volunteer Coordinator.

[3]  SILC Year Book: Clock is ticking

The Special Achievement Projects (SAP) class invites to become part of the SILC History ! 
Send in your articles the year book

[4] SILC Year Book: Offsetting the costs

As you are aware, the schools charge anywhere from $25 to $75 for a school year book. We are trying not to charge for the yearbook at SILC and succeeding all these years.
In order to offset the cost of printing, we are soliciting some limited number of advertisements from the local businesses (the advertisement should be recommended by one of the SILC families and approved by editorial committee for inclusion).

1 - Full page $400

2 - Half page $200

3 - Qr page $100

Anyone (business or individual) who was/is associated (past or present), with SILC and is still in good standing with SILC or is a non profit organization (with a charter that is amenable to SILC), gets a 25% discount.

The SILC board  reserves the right to reject any advts which it deems not in consonance with the SILC charter and mission.

If you know any business interested to place an advertisement in the year book, please let us know

[5] Upcoming events

May 3-6, Thu-Sun:  Festival of Nations  (For discounted tickets, please contact Raj Menon or Kusum Gosain)
May 12, Sat: Holi Celebrations
May 19, Sat: SILC Graduation Day (last day of SILC)

Answer to Last Week's Quiz:

(Q) What is the Indian city with largest population? How does that number compare with twin cities - Minneapolis/St.Paul - population?

(A) Mumbai is the largest city in population (around 20 million residents per latest statistics) with a density of 50000 residents per square mile;  Compared to that, Twin Cities metro has a population of around 3.5 million residents with 500 residents per square mile.

This Week's Quiz:

[Q] Punjab, a state in northern India, is known as the 'Land of Five RIvers'? Tell me, what are the names of these five rivers?

Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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