Sunday, April 1, 2012

SILC: Weekly Digest (4/1/2012) April Fools Day

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Many schools have completed 2/3rd of their academic calendar year and so is SILC.  Here are some key dates that are coming up in the next two months.

[1] 4th April 2012:  Deadline to submit articles for the next SILC News Letter

[2] Sunday 15th April 2012:  Urban Expedition at Landmark Center

SILC will have a booth here; If you are interested to volunteer at SILC booth, please let us know

[3] Saturday 21st April 2012:  Vibha Taal 

SILC students will be performing in this event; The admission is free. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this event to encourage SILC students.

[4] May 3-6, 2012: Festival of Nations

SILC students will be performing at this event; Details to follow.

[5] 12th May 2012: Holi Celebrations at SILC

[6] 19th May 2012: SILC Annual Day 
Our language teachers and SILC board have started preparations for this event and more details to follow

[7] Flint HIlls International Childrens Festival

SILC will have a booth here. If you are interested to volunteer at SILC booth, please let us know

Answers to last week's quiz:

(Q) What is Pushkar Mela?

(A) Pushakar Mela (or Pushakar Fair) is the annual five-day camel and livestock fair, held in the town of Pushkar in the state of RajasthanIndia. It is one of the world's largestcamel fairs, and apart from buying and selling of livestock it has become an important tourist attraction and its highlights have become competitions such as the "matka phod", "longest moustache", and "bridal competition" are the main draws for this fair which attracts thousands of tourists

This Week's Quiz:
(Q) What state is known as "Spice Garden of India"?

Siva Jasthi
Director - Communications
School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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