Sunday, October 10, 2010

SILC: Weekly Digest (10/10/10)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

With record number of registrations this year (> 185), we are all working hard to streamline the learning experience of our students, parents and families. 

Many of you have stepped up to volunteer and to teach at SILC. Your help and support in this process are well appreciated.

[1] The first issue of SILC news letter is planned to be released on "Diwali Celebration Day" (13th November 2010).  We are looking for student reporters to contribute the articles, stories, travelogues, interviews, photos, drawings etc. - anything that show case the creativity of our students.  Teachers and parents can also contribute to SILC news letter.

Past issues of SILC news letter can be found on our web site; Click on News Letters  or  at 

Please contact Shiv Bhatia (Assistant Principal) for further details on SILC News Letter

[2] Finally, if you have not formally registered or have not paid the registration fee, please do so immediately;  In earlier years, SILC is flexible and is letting the registrations continue through out the year. Due to the growth we are experiencing this year, it is required to have a deadline by which we no longer accept registrations.  October 23rd (MEA week - there is no SILC on that day) is that date.  If any one is not formally registered by that date, they will have to wait until next year to register. Please spread this word to your friends and families

[3] SILC will be giving $500 worth of 'community outreach scholarships' to those who  would like to attend but may find it difficult to pay the yearly fee.  Please see the attached for more details.  Please avail this scholarship if you are in need (if you have already paid, you will be given refund) or pass on this information to others who may be interested.

[4] At the end of the year, during the graduation program, we recognize top 5 students who have the best attendance at SILC.   The language teachers will be taking attendance during the first period and Principal will tally those records to identify and recognize the top 5 students.

[5] SILC operates by renting the classrooms from St. Paul School district. Please ensure that you leave the classrooms as you enter them.  Please do not throw garbage on the floors; Please wipe out the blackboards after use; And please do not disturb the placing of chairs/tables.

[6] The success of SILC is based on its volunteers. With large number of registrations and growth of SILC, we are looking for more volunteers in many areas.  Here are some of the volunteers we are currently looking for. Please contact any of SILC board members if you are interested to volunteer for any of these (or more)

    1. Official Photographer – 2 volunteers, 1 year commitment
    2. Official Videographer – 2 volunteers, 1 year commitment
    3. SILC HOLI: Co-Chairpersons – 2 persons, 1 year commitment
    4. SILC MELA : Co-Chairpersons – 2 persons, 1 year commitment
    5. SILC Yearbook: Owner is , 1 year commitment
    6. SILC Outreach Director: – 1 volunteer, 2 year commitment
  i.      Keeping the “Friends of SILC” group alive & well
   ii.      Making sure SILC Newsletter reaches “Friends of SILC”
  iii.      Forwarding invites to “Friends of SILC” for the HOLI, MELA, FON performances etc
  iv.      Reaching out to Community Organizations as needed

[7] SILC is planning for a field trip  (Sundari Aur Nag  aka Beauty and Beast; by Katha Dance Theatre) during the last week of October. It will be on friday October 29th / sunday october 31st; We are working on the logistics, timing and discounted pricing details. Please stay tuned for further details and please be prepared to sign up for this event on next Sat

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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