Sunday, October 24, 2010

SILC: Weekly Digest (10/24/10)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Hope you all had a wonderful MEA break this week.

[1] Please note any new registrations are now CLOSED for this year.  Considering the record enrollments we have so far, we realized that letting in any more registrations this year will disrupt the functioning of the classrooms now. Hence, this change and decision of closing out the registrations this year.

[2] This is gentle reminder that articles for SILC News Letter 1 are due by November 1st.  All teachers and families  to SILC are especially encouraged to contribute the articles to the news letter.  Have you travelled to India during the summer and visited any interesting places? You may want to write a travelogue.  Have you watched any Indian movie or read a book? You may want to write a review about it?  Do you have a sketch or drawing on Indian themes or symbols? You may want to pass it on to news letter. Are you  excited and happy to be part of SILC community? Share your experiences with the rest of the community. Please send your articles to Shiv Bhatia, Vice Principal (

[3] Note that October 31st (Sunday) is our field trip day to 'Sundari Aur Nag (aka Beauty and Beast).  Those who signed for the field trip - please make sure that you collect your tickets on 30th october during SILC time.

[4]  NOTE:  Wearing Halloween costumes to SILC on next Saturday 30th is encouraged.  Entire SILC community is welcome to come in costumes on next Saturday. Typically, SILC doesn't distribute candy as a snack. However, next Saturday is an exception. At the end of SILC session, after 'jana gana mana', candy will be given out . 

[5] We have received several complaints from Como School classroom teachers that the are finding the classrooms in disarray when they came to school on Monday mornings. Your cooperation to ensure that classrooms are left in the same state is much appreciated (boards cleaned at end of SILC, no gargbage on the floor, chairs/tables in their original place, kitchen is cleaned after its use, etc.).

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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