Sunday, October 17, 2010

SILC Weekly Digest (10/17/10)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

[1] Please note that there is no SILC next week (on October 23rd) due to MEA Week (Minnesota Educators Association) as the school building is closed.

[2] ARTICLES  FOR  SILC  PUBLICATIONS  Here is an update from Shiv Bhatia, Assistant Principal who is coordinating SILC News Letters and Year Books

Dear SILC Parents,
As announed last week, we intend to release three publications this school year:-
  • News Letter 1 (Diwali edition - November 2010)
  • News Letter 2 (February 2011)
  • Year Book (Graduation Day)
If you or your child would like to contribute to the first newsletter which will be published next month, please send your articles to Shiv Bhatia, Vice Principal ( by November 1st.

This is a great way for your child to develop her/his writing capabilities and contribute towards the growth of our publications. I will request you to encourage your child(ren) to contribute as much as they can. We have three issues, so we need all the material that you can send to us.

Some of the older editions can be found on the SILC website. You can visit this link ( ) to get an idea of what to contribute.

Once again, the due date for submitting articles for the Diwali edition is November 1st. (We will need time to format and print it before please stick to this deadline).

Questions, if any, can please be directed to Shiv Bhatia, Assistant Principal (

[3]  Thank you all for signing up SILC field trip (Sundari Aur Naag for October 31st 2 PM performance).   To get the best out of this field trip, please access the STUDY GUIDE  here. I encourage to print this out and give to your child.

You can still signup for the field trip by sending mail to Erin Oberdorfer, Principal ( before Tuesday 5 PM CST  (You can bring the payment on 10/30, that is OK. We want to ensure that all SILC families take advantage of this field trip and participate in this activity). 
Erin is planning to order the tickets on wednesday morning.

As you are aware, SILC will be picking up much of the expense and is providing discounted tickets to registered students and teachers.

Katha Dance Theater is performing Sundari Aur Nag (Beauty and the Beast) at O'Shaughnessy Auditorium (on the campus of St Kate's) on Oct 31 at 2pm. SILC will subsidize tickets for all REGISTERED students interested in attending. Tickets will be available for $5/ SILC student (any age) and for SILC Teachers. Non-registered persons can also order tickets for $13/child (12 and under) or non-SILC student with an id and $20/adult. Tickets must be prepaid (to SILC) by Saturday Oct 16.  We will hand them out at SILC on 10/30.
[4]  Amla International ( ) which provides translations and interpretrations for over 150 languages is seeking some volunteers in Indian languages. If any of the parents are interested, please let me know or contact Paul Amla directly.  Typically, there will be honorary payment ($25 per hour for example) for your services.  They are looking for Telugu interpreter for this Tuesday October 19th at an Apple Valley School.

[5]  Please note that NOvember 13th is  Diwali Celebration  Day and SILC Picture Day.  We will have language classes on that day. But there won't be social studies or elective classes.  Class pictures will be taken during the language class (these pictures will be published into SILC year book).  We will also take group picture in the hallway for publication in the year book.  After the group picture, there will be diwali-related arts/ crafts /cultural activities. 

All teachers and studens should plan to attend SILC on that day. Please ensure that you adjust your schedule so that you can make it on that day
Please wear your traditional / festive /Indian dresses for this event;
Parents may want to get an alternate / optional outfit as well for their kids so as to ensure that their festival dress doesn't get messy during art/craft/cultural activities.

We are working out detailed planning on this event. Please stay tuned for further details on this event.

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture

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