Sunday, October 31, 2010

SILC: Weekly Digest (10/31/10)

Dear SILC Students, Parents, Teachers and Volunteers:

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend.

[1] It is very energizing to see SILC operating every saturday morning.  We have not achieved military precision on our operations yet. However, students and parents are finding their way out and all the classes/proceedings seem to be progressing as planned.  Thanks for the dedication and efforts of our volunteers - who always try their best to bring back some order from chaos.

If any of you have an idea or thought on how we can run SILC in better and more organized way, please drop us a note. We need you.

[2] SILC  went to field trip today to "Sundari Aur Nag (aka Beauty and Beast)" by Katha Dance Theatre at O'Shaughnessy (St Catherine University).

The two-part program of North Indian dance and live music - show cased kathak yatra (the journey of Kathak dance) and also Sudari Aur Nag, an Indian rendition of Beauty and Beast.  "Wonderful", "Amazing", "Beautiful" are some of the experiences I have felt and heard from other SILCers.

For those who couldn't make it, please read the reviews at

[2] November 1st Monday is the due date for submitting the articles for the first news letter:  Please send your articles for the first News Letter to Shiv Bhatia, Assistant Principal (

[3] Thank you for volunteers who signed up to bring snacks and sweets for Diwali celebration day on November 13;  We still have more slots left. Please sign up next week or send a note to "Lakshmi Buddhavarapu" <> or "Lakshmi Ramesh Wariar" <>. You can also contact them if you have any questions on the sweet/snack signup

[4] Please note that November 13th is  Diwali Celebration  Day and SILC Picture Day.  We will have language classes on that day. But there won't be social studies or elective classes.  Class pictures will be taken during the language class (these pictures will be published into SILC year book).  We will also take group picture in the hallway for publication in the year book.  After the group picture, there will be diwali-related arts/ crafts /cultural activities. 

All teachers and studens should plan to attend SILC on that day. Please ensure that you adjust your schedule so that you can make it on that day

Please wear your traditional / festive /Indian dresses for this event;

Parents may want to get an alternate / optional outfit as well for their kids so as to ensure that their festival dress doesn't get messy during art/craft/cultural activities.

[5] I am sending this email each and also posting this message to our blogs; if you are not receiving the mail, it may mean the email in our records is not correct or your registration information is not entered into our system. Please see me at SILC if you are not getting emails.

Siva Jasthi

School of India for Languages and Culture
(mobile) 612.217.4821

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